Alan Barber

An Argus C3 and a 1947 Aeronca Chief, both borrowed from my father in 1966 when I was nineteen, sparked my interest in travel and photography. I used them to visit native villages in Alaska during summers off from college. Eventually, the remote and gritty parts of the world became my favorite destinations and the photography tended toward landscapes. When I examined my images later I usually found the ones with people in them were the best and the most fun, so now my photography tends toward people in the remote and gritty parts of the world.

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In 2012, after ten years of research and writing, I published David Kokernot, Rogue Soldier of the Texas Revolution, the story of a Jewish kid born in Amsterdam in 1805 who ended up deeply involved in the founding of the Texas Republic. His actions weren't always heroic, which of course makes the tale all the more interesting.

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BarberGravestone100pxhighI've long had an interest in my family's history. What I've uncovered is available at Barbergenealogy.